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At Moss Minerals, our sea moss gels are a super-food that contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the human body consists of. It's handmade with spring water and comes with an option of an organic infusion with Bladderwrack that gives you all 102 minerals that the body needs. Sourced from the Atlantic waters of St. Lucia with no chemicals or fertilizers ever used by us.

We strive to provide exceptional service because we want to leave you with that experience every time you shop with us.


Amino Acids

Vitamins B-12, B1, B2, A, C, D, F, & K,

Calcium, Chromium, Iodine, 

Iron, Magnesium, Sulphur, and Zinc

Recommended Serving:

Consume 1-2 Tbsp Daily.


■ Smoothies ■ Juices  ■ Herbal Teas ■ Soups & Stews  ■ Facemask

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I have been looking for 100% raw seamoss gel for the longest. A friend of mine recommended this company to me, and I could not be more satisfied! This is good quality seamoss along with great customer service. I sent the owner a message, he replied immediately and had the product delivered to me within 2 days!! He was generous enough to personally deliver my 2nd order to my home! I HIGHLY recommend! Thank you ❤

Deliscia Jenee

After doing some research on the benefits of sea moss, I just knew I had to try it. I had issues with feeling lethargic and fatigue, and just overall feeling ill. I would take naps and wake up feeling worse than when I laid down. I knew that I needed to make lifestyle changes, and I knew my body was lacking important nutrients it needed. I've been taking sea moss for about 2 months now and I'm grateful that I was exposed to this all natural remedy, I have that I just feel good feeling. No more lethargic or fatigue feelings.. I make sure I always have it on hand.

Marlene Williams

By far the purest seamoss I have had from a distributor. A lot of companies on the market just put out products to make a sale, however moss minerals puts out quality! If you want a boost of pure minerals ,this is the company to support!

Jessica Williams

I was looking for something to jumpstart my day and this was it! I wake up every morning and take a tablespoon on an empty stomach so that I absorb all of the minerals and nutrients Seamoss provides.

Jasmine RN

I would highly recommend this product because it's a healthy additive to your diet I have used it in my green tea and smoothies . At first I was hesitate because I have a thing with texture and taste, but you cannot taste the sea moss at all!!! It's one way to build up your immunity especially during this time . You can ingest it and use it as a face mask!!!! Try it and you might just like it. I'm a real person not a paid actor lol.

Shana Marie

Customer service is amazing very fast response and pick up on the same day. This has been our first experience with sea moss and I’m sure we will begin to see more results once using it longer. We both are experiencing a boost in energy as well as a few other things. I look forward to continuing to use this product and supporting this business. We use the sea moss in our hot tea each morning.

Danielle J